Your wins - our success

At a critical moment, experience and knowledge turn into coherent actions, competence, mutual understanding and confidence that the team is ready for any course of events. JSC SIG presented the corporate video «The Race»

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New wins - new aims

Siberian Industrial Group JSC presented new video and expresses gratitude to the team "Judo Turbostroitel Club" (St. Petersburg) and personally to Mikhail Anatolyevich Rakhlin, for their participation and assistance in organizing the filming.

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Industrial group of the metallurgical and machine-building complex of Russia

We create products which meet Russian and international standards

The power of innovations
is working for you

Siberian Industrial Group JSC has presented video «Avalanche service», which shows main principles of the company

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PromInTech Plant has successfully passed
Gazprom neft technical audit

Plant's products (shut-off and control valves) are recommended for Gazprom neft's supply

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Innovation and engineering

The enterprises which belong to the holding have the necessary certification, and are also equipped with engineering and design centers, where the best Russian specialists work.

Pipe Division

Thousands of kilometers of pipelines annually, including pipes with polyurethane thermal insulation. Participation in the arrangement of more than 30 large-scale infrastructure projects of the country

A complex approach

Due to the implementation of complex solutions for trunk pipeline transport, the company provides the most optimal price-quality ratio for its services

The main tasks of Siberian Industrial Group JSC

The development of advanced technologies and the Russian industry to the level of international standards

Machine Building Division

Designing, engineering and manufacturing of equipment with increased operational reliability for oil and gas transport

Company's Activity

Siberian Industrial Group JSC is an industrial holding of the metallurgical and machine building complex of Russia, which dynamically develops an approach to provide the most convenient service and improve the quality of services provided to companies of the Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC). The company is focused on providing the whole range of services: from joint participation in design to operation and after-sales service (warranty service).

More than 50 types of products allow to offer a wide range of services to companies of the Fuel and Energy sector.

Structure of the holding

Логотип СПГ

Siberian Industrial Group JSC is an industrial group of companies, which includes the following blocks: management, manufacturing, engineering, innovation and trading.

Izhora Pipe Rolling Plant – manufacturer of wide range assortment of seamless pipes, including casing and pumping and compression pipes.

Izhevsk Isolation Plant is the leading manufacturer of pipes with internal and external corrosion-resistant coating for the oil and gas industry.

TVEL-Tobolsk is one of the oldest, largest, and most advanced manufacturers of insulated pipes and pipeline fittings in Russia.

The Trading house Siberian Industrial Holding is authorized and exclusive agent that carries out the whole range of sales operations in Russia and abroad.

ProEnTech Plant is a machine-building enterprise which manufacturing a wide range of shut-off and control valves, including increased operational reliability.

IZITECH is an innovation-technical subsidiary company of the industrial holding "Siberian Industrial Group".

The Trading House Siberian Industrial Group is the central supplier of SIG JSC subsidiaries, the exclusive agent for the sale of products of the machine-building division.

Supply's geography

The trading house Siberian Industrial Holding

PromInTech Plant

Project Center


Innovation Center

IZI Tech

Izhevsk Isolation Plant

TVEL-Tobolsk Plant

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Business with SIG

Strategic partners of Siberian Industrial Group JSC are leading Russian metallurgical and oil and gas enterprises.

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ProEnTech Plant received a CE certificate with full quality assurance and is ready to supply its products to the countries of The European Union

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We work together with the best

Cooperation with SIG is

  • Quality

    Great experience allows us to be one of the leading companies in the sphere of services for the Fuel and Energy sector

  • Competence

    The enterprises belonging to the group have the necessary certification

  • Accompaniment

    A comprehensive set of all tools for the implementation of tasks

  • Reliability

    The products are manufactured in accordance with the technical conditions for international quality standards