SIG JSC – it’s an integrated approach to the
implementation of projects for the fuel
and energy sector

System of management

The policy in the field of the implemented management system of SIG JSC is aimed at producing high-quality, competitive products that fully meet the requirements of consumers, providing environmental protection, as well as providing information and industrial safety.

The management system is the benchmark for all employees of the company. The main objectives of the activities of SIG JSC are:

  • Environmental safety of nature;
  • Maintenance of information and industrial safety;
  • Manufacturing of products which fully satisfy the growing demands of consumers;
  • Prevention of accidents and deterioration of health of company’s employees;
  • Balanced consideration of all interests and requirements of staff.

Achievement of the set aims is realized by the introduction and continuous improvement of the management system, which meets the requirements of GOST ISO 9001.

Balanced consideration of all interests and personnel requirements is a major goal for SIG JSC.

To achieve these aims, the following tasks must be accomplished:

  • Implementation of measures aimed at reducing the harmful impact of SIG JSC on the environment and at protecting health and safety;
  • Development of mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers and customers;
  • Increase in real incomes among employees of all companies which belong to SIG JSC, by reducing operating costs, increasing labor productivity, as well as increasing sales of products;
  • Involving the company's employees in the process of continuous improvement of product quality, customer satisfaction;
  • Staff development and the development of an effective system of motivation.

Siberian Industrial Group JSC undertakes to implement the Policy in the field of integrated management system and its improvement in the face of changing market requirements, consumers and society.