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Izhevsk Isolation Plant has successfully certified a heat-resistant internal coating with a temperature range of up to 120°C.

In March 2019, pipe products with an internal corrosion-resistant coating in a heat-resistant design with a temperature of up to + 120°C, produced by Izhevsk Isolation Plant, successfully passed periodic tests and received a conclusion from Samara Research and Production Center for compliance with specifications 1390-003-30098597-2016 “Steel pipes with internal anti-corrosion coating. Technical conditions”.

The application is carried out according to the technology of two-layer spraying with a primer layer of phenol or epoxy-phenol primer and a coating layer based on epoxy powder material, with a thickness of 350 to 1000 mm. with an operating temperature up to + 80 ° С, heat-resistant designed for temperatures up to + 120 ° С.

Heat-resistant pipe coating is a unique product and it provides:

• Electrical insulation protection, while compensating for the good conductivity of the protected metal;

• Resistance to various chemicals, vapors, salts, water, oils and gasoline;

• High adhesion score;

• Excellent corrosion-resistant protection;

• Additional strength to metals and forms a durable coating.

Also, heat-resistant pipe coating:

• Does not pose a danger to the life and health of people - to be environmentally safe, not to emit harmful substances into the atmosphere;

• Elastic, which allows the coating to not crack over time;

• Resistant to deterioration;

• Keeps all its qualities even during harsh temperature changes, as well as with a decrease down to negative temperature.

The main consumers of products with internal corrosion-resistant coating based on epoxy powder materials are the largest oil and gas companies in Russia, such as: PAO Lukoyl, PAO Surgutneftegaz, PAO Tatneft, OOO Salym-93, PAO ANK Bashneft.