SIG JSC – it’s an integrated approach to the
implementation of projects for the fuel
and energy sector

Successful career

Companies which belong to SIG JSC are attractive employers in the labor market. We are always in the process of improving the remuneration and income structure of the company's employees, ensuring their fairness and competitiveness.

The holding employs over 1000 employees. Each employee contributes to the development of the Russian industry.

The company has implemented an understandable and objective system of employee motivation, which is constantly analyzed taking into account the macroeconomic situation, labor market trends, and also taking into account the results of employees' work. We try to create all conditions for all employees of the company to reveal their best qualities and potential to the fullest.

Staff development programs

One of the indispensable conditions for the company's competitiveness, effective achievement of its goals and objectives is the consistent improvement of the professional and managerial competences of the staff. For this purpose, SIG JSC has special corporate projects.