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Employees of ProEnTech Plant and The Trading House Siberian Industrial Group conquered the highest point of Russia and Europe.

At the beginning of May 2019, the key employees of ProEnTech Plant and TD SIG climbed Elbrus.

The ascent took place under dramatically changing weather conditions: from the hospitable sun at the beginning of the route to the brutal blizzard almost at the top.

The route ran along the southern slope: from the shelter “Barrel” (end of the cableway, 3720 m), past the former shelter of eleven (4050 m), numerous new Shelters and Pastukhov Rocks (4550-4700 m) to an altitude of approximately 5100 meters, from where such called “slanting shelf”, there is an output to the saddle (5416 m) and further rise to the top of Elbrus.

Elbrus is the highest mountain peak in Russia and Europe and is included in the list of the highest parts of the world’s "Seven Peaks".

Among the Turkic-speaking people, Elbrus was called the “Lord of the Spirits”, and the adygheans called the “Mountain of Bringing Happiness”, apparently, people with strong spirit succeed in conquering the summit, for which stunning views of the Caucasus Mountains in all their grace open up in gratitude.

Siberian Industrial Group expresses gratitude and is proud for the results of the employees. In addition, wishes success in achieving and conquering new heights, both in professional and personal growth!