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Supports, abuts, metal structures, fittings, sets

The manufacture of pipeline supports is one of our directions and is carried out in strict accordance with GOST 30732-2006. They are in demand, both when laying new highways, and when replacing old or out-of-service sites. The latter case is due to the fact that modern technological pipelines differ from those which were used before and with its weight and dimensions. So, for example, the fixed support for the polyurethane insulation pipes should have a different design than for conventional steel. At the same time, the latest developments are guaranteed to last much longer and their price is the most optimal for the customer.


Application area

Pipeline supports are designed for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing pipelines on sections of aboveground laying.

Product diameter

From 108 mm to 1020 mm (higher - in agreement with the customer).


According to the design of the support, the following types are produced: - Fixed supports (FS); - Mobile supports: longitudinal-mobile support (LMS); Free-mobile support (FMS).

Elements of the support structure withstand loads from the side of the attached pipelines. The type of climatic performance is established in accordance with GOST 15150.

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