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Izhevsk Isolation Plant

Izhevsk Isolation Plant is the manufacturer of pipes with an internal and external corrosion-resistant insulation for the oil and gas industry and for the general economic purpose.

- Coating is implemented to the internal and external surfaces of steel pipelines and joint couplings with diameter diapason from 57 mm to 530 mm;

- Liquid epoxy phenolic materials are used to protect the internal surface of pipe

- Coatings can be carried out on the production line of the plant, on the basis of a subcontracting material with the observance of high quality work.

Ижевский Завод ИзоляцииИжевский Завод Изоляции«Ижевский Завод Изоляции»

Plant's activities

Izhevsk Isolation Plant is the manufacturer of insulated pipes, which is specialized in coating steel pipes and joint couplings by different types of external corrosion-resistant insulations.

Advantages of the plant

  • the most convenient transport logistics;
  • technological equipment includes installations of a pressure type and installations for fraction recovery created by leading foreign and domestic manufacturers;
  • the newest painting equipment of foreign manufacture;


  • the plant is certified according to GOST ISO 9001-2011;
  • the production line is unique and was developed by specialists of the Izhevsk Insulation Plant. Its design capacity is not less than 25.000 m of finished products per month, with the possibility of a two-threefold increase in capacity.
25000At least 25000 meters
of linear products
per month
70000meters of linear products
per month - maximal

Products of Izhevsk Isolation Plant

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