Impressive experience in implementing
of large-scale infrastructure projects

Siberian Industrial Group JSC provides a full range of services for infrastructure projects in the oil and gas industry, including designing and engineering, procurement, production, reconstruction, overhaul and warranty handling, maintenance service.

Полный комплекс услуг на инфраструктурных проектах нефтегазовой отрасли, включая проектирование и инжиниринг, прокьюремент, производство, реконструкцию, капитальный ремонт и гарантийное, сервисное обслуживание.

Designing and engineering

Designing and engineering includes the improvement of the best existing technologies, designing and testing of new types of equipment, materials, coatings and their modernization, the development and debugging of production processes, quality control and eradication systems, and the development of technological documentation.


SIG JSC provides a full range of services for the organization of the production and supply of equipment for oil and gas transport projects, such as:

  • Market research;
  • Assistance in the selection of suppliers;
  • Logistics services (cargo delivery in difficult conditions);
  • Testing and quality control.

Manufacturing a maintenance service

The company's specialists have vast experience in any conditions - severe climate, in territories with complex terrain, with transitions through natural and artificial barriers.

Manufacturing a maintenance service includes:

  • Manufacturing and supply of products for main pipelines and gas distribution networks;
  • Provision of related infrastructure;
  • Replacement of insulating coating for pipelines;
  • Major overhaul of pipeline sections;
  • Maintenance service

Другие услуги

Design of oil and gas equipment Production and design of non-standard products Logistics services (delivery of cargoes in difficult conditions) Storage services, organization of consignment warehouses