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"Siberian Industrial Group" JSC congratulates the winners of the VI Traditional Youth Judo Tournament in memory of the Honored Coach of Russia Anatoly Rakhlin.

On May 23, in St. Petersburg, with the general support of "Siberian Industrial Group" JSC, the annual Traditional Youth Judo Tournament in memory of the Honored Coach of Russia Anatoly Rakhlin was held.

The event was timed to the 80th anniversary of the birth of the honored coach of Russia. Anatoly Rakhlin is a Soviet and Russian judo coach, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation, Honored Coach of the Russian Federation, Vice President of the Russian Judo Federation.

This year, a record number of athletes participated - 558 people (about 320 people in 2016 and 2017) from 12 countries, participants from judo clubs from all over Russia, teams from Azerbaijan, Argentina, Armenia, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Latvia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Republika Srpska, Finland, France and Estonia and other countries.

The guest of honor of the tournament was the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, who in his youth was a student of Anatoly Solomonovich Rakhlin.

The head of state watched the final stage of the competitions and handed medals to the winners and prize-winners of the competitions.

According to the results of the competitions in their weight categories, the strongest among the youths were athletes from:

St. Petersburg

  • Surin Timur (35 kg);

  • Vladimir Udod (up to 50 kg, a student of the Rukhlin judo school);

  • Vladislav Pronin (up to 66 kg);


  • Karapet Harutyunyan (up to 38 kg);

  • Ivan Zolotov (42 kg);

  • Hasan Idmarchev (46 kg);

  • Maxim Ustimchuk (up to 55 kg);


  • Egor Nekrasov (up to 60 kg)

Of Uzbekistan

  • Abdulla Tukhtamishov (over 66 kg)

Among the girls, gold medals were won by judoists from:

St. Petersburg

  • Polina Dergacheva (up to 40 kg)

  • Elizaveta Vizir (48 kg),


  • Tatyana Levina (37 kg),

  • Elvid Guryev (up to 44 kg),

  • Valeria Shishkina (57 kg),

Of Latvia

  • Evelina Graumane (52 kg)


  • Matilda Naimire (over 57 kg)

The company "SIG" JSC congratulates the young champions and wishes further success and the conquest of new medals in the near future! And also "SIG" JSC thanks organizers for the high quality of the tournament!