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"SIG" JSC announces the end of the 2018 season SMP Russian Series Ring Race.

"Siberian Industrial Group" JSC announces the end of the season 2018 SMP competition Russian Series of Ring Race.

The final tournament was held from 5 to 6 October 2018 in the city of Grozny, in the same place where the opening of the 2018 season took place.

On the final racing days, the situation on the tracks of the autodrome “The Grozny Fortress” heated up to the limit. In the final races, the pilots went all-in - at stake was the victory in the tournament. All or nothing.

Decisive encounters in all classes of the Russian Series of Ring Racing presented many surprises. After a series of debut races, the situation in the standings of the SMP RSRR-2018 unfolded in an absolutely unpredictable way.

The top leaders repeatedly changed places during races, made a castling in the final standings, and new names climbed to the list of favorites for the top places.

The outcome of the struggle was influenced not only by personal results in a particular race, but also by factors such as team tactics, cold calculation, discipline, and, of course, luck. Not all participants were able to cope with the pressure, others, on the contrary, showed surprising composure - which allowed them to succeed. Anyway, the series of circuit racing remains the main autosport tournament in the country.

In total, 63 athletes took part in the final SMP RSKG races of the 2018 season. Thousands of fans watched their struggle from the autodrome tribune of the Grozny fortress.

"Siberian Industrial Group" JSC congratulates athletes on winning the tournament:

Winners and Medalists 5 Stages SMP RSKG-2018

TOURING (Championship of Russia)

1) Dmitry Bragin: TAIF pilot Motorsport

2) Kirill LADYGIN: pilot Lada Sport ROSNEFT

3) Mikhail Grachev: pilot Lada Sport ROSNEFT


1) Eugene MEITES: Pilot Match TV GTE RT

2) Mikhail MITYAEV: pilot LADA Sport ROSNEFT

3) Vladislav Nezvankin: pilot LADA Sport ROSNEFT

NATIONAL (Russian Cup)

1) Gleb KUZNETSOV: pilot Academy Rally

2) Egor SANIN: pilot of the Bragin Racing Team

3) Pavel Kalmanovich: pilot of AG Team

TOURING-LITE (Championship of Russia)

1) Andrey MASLENNIKOV: pilot Moscow Region Motorsport

2) Vladimir CHEREVAN: pilot Moscow region Motorsport

3) Gregory Burlutsky: pilot Carville Racing.


1) Peter PLOTNIKOV: Pilot Academy Rally

2) Irina SIDORKOVA: Pilot Academy Rally

3) Pavel KUZMINOV: Pilot Academy rally-2

The winner of the NATIONAL JUNIOR Pyotr Plotnikov (on the right side), as well as silver medalist Irina Sidorkova (on the left side)

"Siberian Industrial Group" JSC expresses its gratitude to the organizers for the successful holding of the Russian Series of Ring Races tournament!

The past stages of the SMP RSRR races of the 2018 season can be viewed in the record here.