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PromInTech Plant, LLC successfully passed the technical audit. The plant products were recommended for supply to PJSC Irkutsk Oil Company

PromInTech Plant (PromInTech Plant, LLC, Podolsk, enters the Siberian Industrial Group, JSC SIG, Moscow) successfully passed the technical audit of PJSC Irkutsk Oil Company.

The technical audit was performed by the Engineering Bureau Franke International, LLC (EBFI LLC) representatives.

As a result of the technical audit of EBFI, LLC it was established that the PromInTech Plant has technical capabilities to manufacture/design the shut-off valves (hereinafter - SOV), has required technical documentation, design department, equipment, method of manufacturing and testing of SOV. Also it was established that the Plant has developed, implemented and functioning quality management system.

Under the technical audit results LLC PromInTech Plant was recommended for SOV supplying according to TU 3742-002-17871972-2014 to EBFI LLC.

Through the audit the compliance of the PromInTech Plant production and utilities systems with the high requirements of EBFI LLC was confirmed. The Plant is able to produce enhanced reliability products, including fittings operated under a high-temperature, high hydrogen sulfide contents and other technical conditions.

"PJSC Irkutsk Oil Company is a reliable and strategic partner for the Plant. We are confident that further joint cooperation will have an additional effect on the continuous improvement of the service and the quality of our products due to the high requirements of our partners", said Pavel Dubovitsky, the Chief Engineer of the PromInTech Plant.

Engineering Bureau Franke International, LLC is the independent inspection company, founded in Germany in 1973, has been operating in the CIS market over 10 years.

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